Protect Florida's Women

"Critics are fuming over a major hit to Planned Parenthood’s funding after the Republican budget effectively shut down state dollars to the non-profit. Republicans tried the same thing last year and failed after a judge said they couldn’t single out Planned Parenthood. ironically, that ruling was finalized just a few days ago just a few days before Republicans passed a new budget that does the same thing. It strips away Planned Parenthood funding without singling the group out. When Republicans voted late Monday night to override Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of the budget, they voted for a spending plan that changed some rules for the Department of Health and Human Services. Now, HHS cant contract with "private providers" of family planning services. Republicans didn’t specify Planned Parenthood, but they didn’t have to. ‘Planned Parenthood is the only family provider that the Health Department contracts with,’ said Planned Parenthood’s Melissa Reed. Reed told ABC11 it was a way of getting around a court order that says the state can’t single out the nonprofit. However, in this budget, the group will lose $200,000 in state money. Reed said all of it would only go to preventive services that most often go to low income women."